We believe the only true way to manufacture a framed shaker kitchen, is with continuous frames for each run.

What’s the difference you may ask?

A true bespoke kitchen is designed, manufactured and installed with your specific space in mind, taking into account the space available to the very millimeter! Without needing to consider standardised cabinet sizing or batch manufacture.

Its good to remember that ‘handmade’ is not the same as ‘bespoke’. Companies may claim to manufacture ‘handmade’ kitchens specifically for you. They generally still have a range of cabinets in certain sizes that they offer, saving them time and money and means they are able to batch produce their products. When it comes to framed shakers, this then means they produce each individual cabinet with its own frame. These are then just bolted together onsite creating a double frame detail between each cabinet.

We see this as the easy way out!

When we design and subsequently manufacture our framed shakers, the cabinets themselves are manufactured first and the full kitchen mocked up in our workshop. We then take the precise measurements of each run and manufacture the frames individually, to fit each unique run. The frames are then fitted to the kitchen and specific dimensions are taken from each opening to manufacture each door so it fits perfectly into its required space.

Here at Wentwood, we truly do manufacture handmade and bespoke kitchens completely from scratch. No 2 kitchens…or cabinets for that matter, are ever identical!

There is no right or wrong, and as a design detail if you prefer a double frame we can of course manufacture with this detail. But always with you in mind, and not out of ease for our process or pockets.

The Wentwood Team x